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December 28, 2012


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Christine Eastwood, Written and Painted Art

This is great. I'd made these before, but I couldn't remember how because it's been so long. Yay -- now I can do it again!! Woo-hoo and thanks to both you and Corry.

Rori Jensen

What a wonderful gift idea for some of the artists in my family. Now I need to go dumpster diving or look for leather jackets at tag sales. Thanks for doing all the hard work for us...I really appreciate it!

Nancy Peevey

These are classy! Love them! Thank you for the steps, Cynthia and Cory!

Janet B

Very very cool!! I am so jealous that you found leather hides in a dumpster. That's enough for me to start checking out dumpsters for a find like that. Beautiful journals. Your tutorial is great. Thank Corry too!


This is an excellent tutorial! I bookmarked the page so I can come back and make one of these journals!


Like your Tutorial very much...must make my next journal by myself...will pin it to my DIY.
Thanks, Kerstin


I'm curious, does this journal have a hard cover
With leather in top, or is it just leather? If just leather
Isn't it flimsy?

Leather Journal

wow! wat an idea sir ji.


nice post.we also deals with leather notebook.


this shit is hot son


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We are suppliers of leather journals.

Twinkle kumawat

Its great information about journals. I am using many types of journals for various purpose and thanks to share a great matter here.


Amazing post ! Thanks for share such a important information….waiting for your next blog.

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