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May 25, 2012


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Christine Eastwood, Written and Painted Art

Bravo! I think that title is well-deserved and I hope folks will ask you what that means. You'll knock their socks off! (Which you can then replace with some you've knitted and use the cast-offs for some sort of project!)


Three cheers!! I love it when someone knows who they are and with that list you know where your going too. You go girl.


Love this! Such a great thing to think about. I feel like I'm stepping into that role a bit- maybe not to your level, as I don't get paid to make anything at this point, but I'd love to get there.

You can add to your list that you are an artist at teaching, which I do believe is an art form. :-)

Holly McLean

I'm definitely a working artist, except I don't get paid!
I love the sweater!

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