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April 03, 2012


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Laura McHugh

WOW! congrats on some awesome projects and looks like such a great book...would love to win!!!!! got to go and get out my mary janes.....

Cynthia Flores

I want! I want! I want! I had no ideah you had a book??? Very cool!! :)

Susan Thornton

Would love to have that book (and the pillow of course)....

Susan Houseman

I love the house pillow, it is so cute!! Congrats on your second book.


cristi clothier

The book looks wonderful!

Hmm, how about an interesting animal factoid. Elephants are the only mammmals that cannot jump. Who knew, lol!


I'd give the book a really good home! A funny animal story? mean like when my cat steals my chair every night when get up from dinner to pour milk for the kids? She isn't after my food either. I guess she likes the warm chair or it just a bratty kitty. The kids think it is really funny because she bites me if I try to get my chair back! Of course, I could give the kids their milk at the same time as their food, but then they drink their milk and won't eat. If I wait for them to eat most of their food first it seems to work out better.


Cynthia, I would love to get the book and... the pillow, oh, it's so beautiful. You know I'm a big fan of yours. If I do win, you won't have to send them to Brazil, as I can provide a friend's address in the US. I will keep my fingers crossed!!!


I would love to have your book. The pillow is so cute..

Sharon Osborn

I am just starting to get into applique-your book would be such a welcome inspiration :)


Congratulation on your book! I would realy love to win this one :)


ooohhhh, I'd really love having your book (I'm just experimenting with my sewing machine and it will be perfect to help me ;) )... and the pillow is just wonderful!!! Is there a chance to win even if I'm in Italy??? Hope so :) !!! I have no animals :(... but I have 2 sons... is it the same? Ciao from Italy


Boy, do I have a stash of fabric from my quilting days. It sits in boxes organized by color. I'd love to put it to use in some new projects. I don't have a funny animal story but my jumbo sized orange tabby, Calvin, is sitting next to me meowing as I type this. He thinks he'd like me to win (or he's hungry)! Thanks for the chance.

christy nimeh

Too too cute!! Love the pillow(s) and the book is so bright and beautiful! I love that style of photographing. Congratulations teacher! :)


this is a wonderful giveaway for your first one! thanks for the opportunity to win your beautiful new book. Do you know if the magazine "Stitch Craft Create" will have a new issue -- or was it a one time only magazine?


FINALLY! I've been waiting for this book for months! I'd love to win this and get started. Congratulations on your publication.


Looks like a lot of fun - no boring, traditional applique for you!


I just got my copy at work today. It looks great!! I'm excited to read it. Congratulations.


What an inspiration your book is, I just ordered it on Amazon, but if I am the lucky one that wins, I will give it to my friend, Mary she will love the book too!
Thanks! I love your blog too!!!!!!!!

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