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April 10, 2012


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Lynn richards

Holy moly, Cynthia!! These are stunning. No wonder you can't stop!!!

Jennifer Jackson Taylor

Great stuff Cynthia. I love love love the elephant!!


Such Pretty works. I love them so much…the colors…the doodles….the shapes….gorgeous.


I agree with Lynn
"Holy moly, Cynthia!! These are stunning. No wonder you can't stop!!!"
They are SO happy & FUN!
Love the top one, and you for sharing all the creativity.
Thank you,

Leanne Ellis

Love the colors. Thanks for sharing :)

Gill McNeilly

After seeing your wonderful paintings and reading your blog bought Flora's book. Now all I want to do is paint.
I am making an amazing mess so far but love every minute

AY Jackson klinkoff

The Realism painting style depicts life as it actually appears without added glorification, drama or emotion.

Jane Wang

Nice Post! Thank you very much. This really helped me with my work. I appreciate your help. Thanks a lot. You need to know: Decorate your space with art; Sign up to get $5!!!

Wellborn Hargrave

I love the simplicity of the ideas here. I also love how the colors were played. It is so entertaining and liberating.

Simplicity is just being beautiful.

Anspach Pleasant

If this is really the result of your passion, no wonder you can't really resist doing this hobby again and again. I'm sure you are very much satisfied with your work as I do viewing it. If the feeling is this, then there is no reason to stop.

Painting is really a great hobby!

Wendler Woodcock

You're a great painter. They are all so gorgeous. The colors are so refreshing. It’s simple yet classy. I love 'em all.

Algarin Palomino

Beautiful creations, Cynthia. I like them all. It's so real. I would love to have one of your wonderful paintings. I'm looking forward to see more.

Villicana Gladden

Speechless.Your so bless for having such a wonderful talent.More power to you.

Waldroup Choe

Wow! I love the designs and color combination. It's so wonderful. I like the way it is being presented here.

Sandiford Luster

It's very alluring painting. The color scheme and its design is highly artistic. I love it much.

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