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March 04, 2012


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Carolyn Dube

What a stunning piece of art- it feels so happy and free! I will keep my eye out for her on teaching schedules I see. If I see her name I know it will be a fantastic class after reading about her in your post!

christy nimeh

great post! your paintings really took shape, and i love the house one. i'm excited to see the other two when you finish. what a memorable, fantastic weekend!

Chris Eastwood

I just saw the painting in your album and assumed it was done in acrylics. House paints?!?!?! Absolutely gorgeous. Love it a lot.


Wow! So cool! Love seeing the process so thanks for posting -Your paintings are gorgeous!!

gail ellspermann

Wow, looks like a fabulous class - love your work!

Amy O'H.

Your painting is wonderful! Love the colors and thanks for sharing the process!

Valerie Elson

I'm out the door to the craft store to buy some supplies! You are truly an inspiration.


so cool!! loved reading this, found your blog via FB :)


This is really cool ! Welcome to my site:

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