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February 22, 2012


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How wonderful to play. I have started doing something similar and the results cna be so unexpected. you have captured many different moods here! Lovely!

Cynthia.... You are so totally awesome... I've spent over an hour drooling over your projects. I finally figured out why I have no artist talent .... cause god bypassed me when he saw you girl! You are SO talented in SO many ways!

I'm going to try to decoupaged my sewing machine like your tutorial (the one thing I love to do is piece Quilts), that looked like fun.

One question.... is there a way to subscribe to your blog by Email? i didn't see the option, but I'm kinda dipsy so I might have missed it.

Could you let me know by my email ( so I won't forget to look?

Thanks and keepa craftin!


Valerie Elson

I love your whimsical abandon.

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