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February 28, 2012


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Wow, that sounds a lot of fun! I love the coincidence with the car plates... DOH!!!
I love Asian food!

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Jolandi Kerstetter

Har har, looks like you have a real need for speed! It's kinda fun to drive like that with friends, no? It can be a bit of a shock, but the rush you get is nice.

All in all, it seems you had a pretty fine day, with good food to enjoy and a nice car to drive.

Tracy Schultz

I love your dresses!!!

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Stopping by way of Harmony's Art ~ delighted to meet you.
Sounds like a fabulously fun time ~ off to explore :)

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Carson Wininger

It's so amazing that you guys still have that 1980 Z28 Camaro, and it's still working fine. Those bumpers are timeless. It sure is a delight to drive that baby!

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I'm impressed with the 1980 Camaro. This just goes to show that, no matter the age, any car can look great if maintained properly.

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That's a pretty well-looked after classic Camaro. It certainly outshines the two other cars in the background.

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Liam Falbo

I bet your car turned many heads in the street, yes? Heheh. Kidding aside, I really love the color of your car. Is it black or dark blue? I can’t certainly tell from the photos. Anyway, it perfectly complements the design of your husband’s Camaro. It actually makes it look relatively new, and not almost two decades old!

Simon Schempp

That’s one of the things that I really love about Camaros – their speed! For something that looks that handsome, it’s got to be really speedy, and that’s exactly what most Camaros are! I try not to drive too fast on the road though, haha, we don’t want any accidents, of course! Oh, and I always make sure my brakes are in tip-top working condition, should I need them very suddenly.

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Nita Stelling

That color is gorgeous in the sun. And I’m quite in love with the rims on your car; I think they look great on your car. Did you take any pictures of the other cars there? I’d love to see all the muscle cars and classics on display there.

Nettie Christensen

Your husband’s car is definitely a head turner! I remember my friend who drove a Volkswagen to our Alumni Homecoming last year and it ended with almost half of our batchmates having their photos taken beside his car. Vintage cars are always the center of attraction, aren’t they?

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This is pretty nice car

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What a beautiful car! I like it. I never see such kind of luxurious car. I have many cars like these with different color and design.

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