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September 08, 2011


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Chris Eastwood

LOVE this a lot!! Talk about free and loose. This is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you do next.


thanks for sharing these beautiful artwork.

Cristi Clothier

Your pages look great! I'm taking her class also.

Lynette (NZ)

Love this piece - I've recently joined her class too. Lots of fun - see you there ;-)


your pieces turned out wonderful. I'm anxious to get my waterbrush. Looks neat! {:-Deb

lorrie spotts

You rock! I am inspired as always by you. I am doing some sewing lately so the paint brushes are hibernating. Let's talk soon...

Claire Smith

Thanks for sharing, I love this sort of work and it's great to see 'behind the scenes'.

The online class sounds great, look forward to seeing more work from it.

Claire :}


Brilliant! Thank you for inspiring!


Gorgeous! thank you for sharing!!

Melisa Waldorf

Hello! I LOVE the softness of this page! Wow. I have pinned to my Mixed Media board here:
It links to your blog. Let me know if that's not ok and I will pull it down.
Thanks so much for sharing!
[email protected]


Those outputs are great! I loved them. I'm glad to see a lot of online education - available.


Amazing and beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Nikki Gillette

How beautiful. I love the surreal, airy feel.


What I am learning from searching pinterest for art journaling tutorials is there are so many ways to do this! And I want to try everyone of them. I love this version because it doesn't require a lot of new products or a lot of product for the layering, but it is still so beautiful and expressive!


WOW, this is FABULOUS!
I love it!


No matter how hard I try, mine doesn't look near as good as yours = (

Gun Mayhem

This is so cool, I would really like to try this, but I am not so skillful.

Gun Mayhem

This is really great, I've try to do it but its not good as yours :(

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