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August 14, 2011


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Wonderful ideas; I love the look of the jars and portion control. I, too would go with brownies! Thank you for sharing, so many wonderful spins on this entertaining dessert. You could have a bar set up with all kinds of choices and let your guests come up with their own creations! ;D

Sharon MLS

First off - LOVE your stove! And, these mason jar desserts! What a great idea! I'm hosting a wedding rehearsal dinner in a park in late September for a friend. The bride is using mason jars as part of her decor. She would like a picnic theme dinner. The smores are calling to me! Just need to figure out how to heat the marshmallows on site. hmmmm. Thanks for sharing!

random Cindy

Yummy! What a great idea, and less messy than real s'mores.
And I'm coveting your oven!


Everything is cuter in a mason jar, for sure! So happy I stumbled on your blog! Love your photos and projects - I'll definitely be trying some!


I really want one of these!!!

dessert cup

Absolutely any of your favorite desserts may be adapted to dessert shooters - get creative and mix and match ingredients and create your own dessert shooter masterpieces.


Please tell me where you got your stove. I have a 1950 's kitchen with cabinets painted sea green. I am looking for something just like that :)

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