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July 23, 2011


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Hemp Jewelry

Great idea with the ribbon in the hemp! I'll be bookmarking your site, hope to read more from you


wow, macrame has come a long way since I made a monstrous hot pink and orange plant hanger in the 60s. This bracelet is lovely and so delicate! Found your blog via my buddy Jen Anastasi; I'm sure I'll be visiting again!


So great idea! Thank you for the tutorial!


NancyK's comment about the macrame pot holder did make me smile - I made exactly the same and had the same thoughts about how modern macrame is so so so much better! Thanks for the great ideas!

Donna Voelker

I'm sorry but I feel like there was so much left out of this tutorial. I am new to this kind of jewelry making so I was wondering if there were more step by step directions somewhere. I just dont get how u made the circles. It is an amazing braclet and I really want to learn this.

Donna Voelker

Karen Pullen

I have to agree w/ Donna I have clicked and searched and done everything I know to do to find a more detailed version.

Jennifer Farmer

I agree with the previous comments. Please give us more I love the braclet.

Ann Fenner

Look on the internet for Macrame, Square Knots. Once you know how to make a square knot, you got it whipped.

Ann Fenner

Sorry, I forgot to include one of the tutorials I found on the web, Check it out and there are more out there. Ann F

Hemp Bracelets

Good concepts. Makes me wanna think outside of the box more with my designs.

Jennette M Dudding

Truly innovative, original, inspiring. Thanks for the comments asking for better direction/details. While i realize you may be more in to inspiring creativity (and you sure did) i cant help but have hope that by your sharing new detailed instructions might just help me find the next level to my creative flow.
Thanks again


I wish I knew how to create the circles...

Debi Moore

I have got to try these! Can you tell me the manufacturer of the hemp rope you use?

Thanks for the ideas. Better than the ugly plant hangers I used to make in the 60's and 70's.


is there any way you can do a step by step tutorial? as far as alternating the cords to get the different circles! that would be great!

Natalie Nunes

I love it!!!!!!!


I agree, the pic doesn't me. I,m a new bee and need a video. It's cute but I have no idea what you did to get the loops.

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