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May 21, 2011


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Thank you so much for the photos, the clarity, and the calm. I can't tell you how many projects I've avoided because of a history of less-than-pleasant mitered corner experiences. Now I can't wait to jump in again! Thanks again.


oh my...ditto, what an awesome step by step of photos, clarity & CALM! ... thank you much! :)

Sharon MLS

Great tut! When turning the corner, stitching from the edge of the quilt, instead of starting 1/4" in, helps get that crisp mitered corner. Glad to see you do it that way.
I love binding too! Binding and a movie. :-)


I guess I have the same disease as you....I LOVE to do the binding too. I don't care for cutting bias, so I use s.o.g. 90% of the time.

Linda Linard

Great info! I remember this by when I fold the binding up it is "1st gear" when I pull down it is "2nd gear" and I drive on..


I have just found your step by step single binding instructions. I'm going to give it a go as I have been struggling with double binding and mitred corners. This will be the third attempt on a small wall hanging.

Jane Elliott

Can you help please? I always bind as you have described, but I am now trying to bind around a rectangular hole that I have made into a quilt (I am making a cover for my sewing machine and am making the opening on the top for the handle to come through. Because I am binding around the inside rather than the outside of the fabric (if you see what I mean) I can't work the mitred corners. Any suggestions please?

Linda Flaig

I am still a beginner. I have tried and tried to make pointed corners with the binding. It just doesn't happen. I was not back tacking and after the fold starting fresh at the corner going the other way. I think this will make the difference. Thank you so much. Pictures are great and you explain it perfectly.

Cynthia Shaffer

Hi Linda ... Hope this helped ... did you try it yet? Let me know if you have questions! Cynthia

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shirlee sim suan see

Thank U so much for the clear pictures. Tremendous help in exchange for all my unpicking..:P

E. Lancour

Thank you!!!! I have made over ten Christmas table runners and place mats and had left the binding go as I just couldn't get how to do it. Your explanations are excellent and very much appreciated. Hopefully I will get them done in time for Christmas.

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