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February 16, 2011


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Lee Ann

I'm having a bridal shower at my house......the table is going to be PINK....I think I will melt the bowls out of Pink chocolate.....Another fun and great idea cynthia.....


Beautiful! Yummy to see and to eat, no doubt. I certainly could hear from the Lord with all that goodness waiting for me. hahaha! Bible study friends know how to enjoy the good things.


Cynthia -- what a delightful blog!! You are just full of surprises! Lunch was AMAZING today and I'm sure you could tell by the Oooo's and Ahhh's that we were all just blown away by how lovely everything looked and how tasty it was. Thank you again so very much!! You are a blessing!!!

Susan Hosueman

Love this idea Cynthia, I plan to make treat for my birthday party. xxx susan


Wow, this is fantastic! I will try and make those for my daughter's party in April!

Cheryl F

Hi Cynthia!! This is such a fantastic idea...I might just have to steal it!! lol!! (promise to give you credit!!) I love it! I have lots of lunches and am always looking for new ideas! Thank you!


ooo really cool! Are those bowls dark chocolate??


These are amazing! I just discovered your blog and am truly inspired. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

Gisa Nogueira

Thank you Cynthia for sharing with all of us your creative
ideas. So simple and yet so elegant.
love, love, love

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