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January 27, 2011


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Love it all day.


Lovely idea...thank for the inspiration!

Account Deleted

So many cans here in my house... Although I don't have enough space but I always knew there would be a way for them! And I found a very good idea here! Thanks for sharing!!! ^_^


Amei!!!!!!!Vou fazer.

Becky B.

Awesome, awesome idea. I already did something like this, but raising and attaching the small cans is an incredible idea. More space is always helpful! Thank you so much!


I am so going to do this!!!!! Genius idea!!!!


You are really talented and I want you know, I really love this idea.
"I am going to make this for my sewing room!" :)


I need to do this for the plastic forks/knives/spoons in my camper. Thanks for the Great idea!

Julie Bagamary

This is a wonderful idea for organization of creative tools.

Madey Lim

This is brilliant! I'm glad i found ur site. May i know how big is the lazy susan base?

Shara Dixon

Very neat idea. I am going to try to hot glue or use a staple gun to attach the smaller cans to the larger one. Very neat idea!


that is just cool


Love it!


I love you tutorial ^^


wao!!!!! my creation and my blog:

NoxCreare (Noemi)

Ana Maria Zago Basilio

Eu também faço alguma coisa de reaproveitamento delatas no meu blog.Adorei seu trabalho.




adoro tudo que vem de artesanato

Sandy Seibert

Tuna cans or small tomato paste cans for embellishments, buttons, etc.


me encantaaaaaaaaa , me súper encanta

Lauren C

Great idea. You could also use bread or garbage bag ties if you don't have wire. I liked Karens idea of using wallpaper. Could even use gift wrapping paper.

Mark Ryder

I am retired US Army, Now that I have time on m hands, I enjoy this site and Your creative thinking!


Makin it now ty all my paint brushes . In one n make another all my loose tools ty..

Anita Burns

I haven't seen a metal coffee can on ages. They all seem t be made of cardboard now. I would loce to know where to find metal ones.

Pat Nye

If you put the plastic lid on the bottom of the coffee can, it would not scratch surfaces! Love this Idea could you use colored plastic containers?

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