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January 01, 2011


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Irene Jacobson

Thank you so very much for opening up your home to Gaby and me to see your treasure trove of crafts. We were thoroughly inspired and in awe of your talents and output. Your message is beautiful and encouraging! It values the process as much as the product, if not more.

Looking forward to continuing to read your blog, purchase your book and have Gaby participate in your class.

Happy New Year and wishing you continued success! Irene


I just love the way Cynthia brain works. She give you permission to go forth and conquer your fear. She tells me just start because I think to much before starting any knitted project. Thanks for the incouragement.


Wow, everything here is so beautiful I have to stop by everytime you post something new. I looooove the way you watercolored the stamped images. And your handwriting is amazing!


so enjoy that you share so much of the genuiness of your creativity...simple, uncomplicated and extremely encouraging! you are appreciated cynthia ;)

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