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December 30, 2010


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Joanne Thieme Huffman

I love what you've done to your sewing machine!


absolutely excellent transformation! ;)


Sew clever of you; I love your make over. Many memories have been stitched and bonded, what a great tribute!

Lee Ann

Cynthia you are so creative...du you knew that part. But to think to Modge Pog your sewing machine is amazing to me. It is so darn cute..I can't wait to see it in person. Love to you and your family during the holiday season and Happy Blogging in 2011. Keep your ideas a comin!!!


When you told me about you decoupaged your sewing machine I thought that this is a crazy idea. Now that I saw the sewing machine it is so cute. How fun it would be to sew on this machine. Love it.


Me like it!
I didn't know you had a blog... it's on my favorites now :)


So so cute Cynthia...I love the idea

Mod Podge Amy

This is fabulous! I just love it so.

Bonnie NJ

I wish I had my old typewriter, so that I could mod podge it also!


This is so very cool! I love that you added the ink and distressing!


Did you take the machine apart at all?

Jenny B

This turned out wonderfully! Great job! I'm totally impressed :) I just know if I tried something like this I'd drip mod podge into all the workings of the machine - I've never been a careful podger!


How wonderful!! And when you leave it out, it's not because your lazy, it's because it's art!! I gotta do this!!

Crafty Mom

OK, this is GORGEOUS! I have thought of decorating my machine, but I've been afraid that the mod-podge would get into the inner parts of the machine and break it. I've got a modern, pretty machine, but when I get bored with it, I'll definitely embellish it. Thanks for giving me the courage!


You are a woman after my own heart!! I painted the top of my old laptop. I just got a new one....I know what I'm going to do now!! I plan on taking your free motion class. I just found out about it


PARABENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ideia maravilhosa!

acho que vou tentar fazer!


porto alegre-rs-Brasil

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