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December 29, 2010


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Noah's Nest

Okay! You have officially rescued my tired old tins from the trash heap. This idea is so sweet. And hand decorated tins have a coolness factor that no generic gift bag could offer. Love it!


I love tins, I even collect them~ I love the fresh, new look~ Thanks for sharing!

Susan Reaney

adorable! want one of those stamps!


Deb Ambrosino

I was a TJ"s last week and bought a tall square tin (with candy) because I liked the shape of the tin. Cynthia, what have you done to me?


Love this color. So pretty. Who doesn't have those empty popcorn tins?

mariaelena ullinger

LOVE this...doing it for sure...thx for the great idea!!

b henton

where do you get a stamp like that?


How cool! Also a great idea for color-coordinated storage - reuse those tins instead of buying plastic boxes.


I love the idea.. too bad I just threw away some tins !


Debbie @ Pink Texas Chick

I so love this idea. Thanks for sharing! I'm definitely gonna do this since I save them "for something." :)

Andrea B

Just found you via Pinterest. Holy cow. WHY have I never considered doing this? Genius! Thanks for sharing!


amazing idea!!! thank yu for sharing!! ^ _ ^

Edith Stanley Veirs

What a clever idea, thanks for sharing

A Facebook User

help! Every time I try painting tins, the lids end up peeling paint when I take them on and off. Suggestions please?


Paint it with the lid intact?...tape around the top of the tin so it won't get painted?

The picture seems to show the blue rim on one (top left) as it was prior...

Sherrilee Lewis

I want this color of paint!! I have another project and this is the color I have been searching for. Can you tell me where you found this color of paint?? I have tried 4 different places, to no avail!

Deborah Cross

This is such a great idea to use on my daughters tins that she doesn't want. What a super way to recycle. Thanks for sharing. Deborah

Nicola Blight

Fantastic there are always tins at thrift/op/charity shops. A perfect project so simple and looks so gorgeous. Thank you.


What a cool idea. I like this re-used made BETTER idea :)


I am going to do this one...some of my tins are nasty inside, so I think adding some newspaper print or pretty wrapping paper mod podged decoupage to it will fix it fine!


quick Question, I have done this before the the cookies smelled like spray paint due to the paint on the side of the can. Any suggestions on how to keep the smell of the paint off the goodies?

These are great! Quick question.... where did u get the alphabet stamper?? That is SO Cool! Could u let me know at [email protected]. Thanks, Linda

Thanks for this wonderful idea. I covered a tin I got for Christmas (benne wafers - thanks, Nancy). Added a photo from a 80th birthday invitation, some lace and a button. Plan on filling it with another pinterest goodies (pretzels, rolos & pecans). Have a picture posted on facebook.




yes, what is Gesso? is that how you get the pictures and words to stay on? very neat idea!

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