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December 18, 2010


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Kathy Petrovich

You amaze me! Have fun with your fleece, I'm sure whatever you make will be wonderful!


Great story! Loved the process and the look of the clean soft wool. The whole thing is so interesting. 0330, what a girl!

Connie Peecher

What a wonderful story. I would do something like this, and the best part is that it has taken years to develope waiting until you were ready. I know you will do something beautiful.


I love this story! And I love her name, a true palindrome, that is once again getting life. Can't wait to peek in on the process.

Noah's Nest

Cynthia, My dear Honey is a history re-enactor so your story sounds like "normal life" to me! haha His strong affection for all the old ways has instilled a love of history, it's stories and the people who lived it all, in our 5 children. Enjoy that wool! I'm sure someone in your circle will catch your curious spirit and soar it to new heights................maybe they'll gain a sweater out of the deal, too.


I did a lot of dying with unsweetened great

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