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December 02, 2010


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joanne thieme huffman

She's delightful!


Oh, Cynthia, she's so beautiful... a sweet little 'monster', as you called her. I love the boots and the gessoed texts you glued to her body.

Kris Kozak

OMG'sh, are you kidding me? Ok, please put in your will that I get her (I think you need to name her) and Noah's ark. Love, Your favoriate middle sister.

Jenny Doh

So if Kris gets the doll, I think I ought to get a life-sized paper petticoat. It could be mod podged and worn under a real skirt.

Bravo on your first doll.


Your art doll is precious. I have only made a few dolls and struggle with that but it is such a wonder to watch them develop and grow in your hands.

Gail Ellspermann

I love your doll! You will become addicted to making these little people... I know I was for a while. A suggestion for easier arm and leg construction.... place the fabric right sides together, lightly draw your stitching line on fabric, stitch ON the line, THEN cut it out, leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Much easier to sew a larger piece of fabric & keeps the edges from being eaten by your sewing machine!

Jenny B

Your doll is wonderful. I just saw her on Jenny Doh's blog under The Best of Art Dolls. Any chance of a tutorial? I discovered your blog through Jenny's article and am so glad I did, your work inspires!!
Thank you,

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