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November 18, 2010


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Love the photos. Your creativity amazes me. Thanks for sharing.

michelle ward

You take quilting to a precious level. You make it look easy, though I'm sure it isn't. AND you make one want to try it! Thanks for sharing this - I missed that issue.


Yay Cynthia! So glad to see you're blogging now. Your work is always amazing. :)


I am so excited for you and us~ Welcome to this world! It is so fun; you won't regret it! I love your work, I mean art! Now going to go look and see if I have this issue. I love to revisit magazines, especially art ones. There is a timeless appeal and it reawakens the senses!

Elizabeth Churchett

Welcome indeed to blogland. Your quilts are lovely! I have never made any myself (am not really a fabric person, at least not yet), but I have a few that my grandmother made and treasure them greatly. Your images in your post are lovely, and your text is clear and forthright--congratulations on your new endeavor.


This is exciting !
I LoVe what you have shared here,
beautiful and inspiring!
I'll be adding you to my blog favorites list and checking back often.
Thank you for sharing


thank you much for sharing your unique twinkle & shine! ;)


wow..your talent is so refreshing and elegant. so happy that you have a new blog!!


So amazing- I love your work!!!

Tracey Holdyk

I have just started my first quilt, a table runner and I love it. I still have a long way to go but following your blog is definately going to keep me inspired. Thanks for starting your blog.
love me :-)


I have that issue of Art Quilting Studio! I'm so thrilled to have met you at Crescendoh!
Helena (from Brazil)


hi there. i found your blog via Jenny. i'm so glad you joined the blogging world.
i've never quilted, but you have inspired me to try this. i'm sure it isn't as easy as you make it seem, but a small piece seems the perfect place to start. i love the versatility.


you are truly a creative blessing...thank you much for sharing on your blog!! ;)

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