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December 01, 2010


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Tracey Curtis

Thanks for sharing Cynthia! And a Happy Birthday to Corry!!

Tami B.

Mmm, these look so yummy!


These sure do bring back memories - and strong longings for dads who are no longer with us.


Thats awesome. thanks so much for sharing. I think I will try this recipe.


These looks so wonderful, but I love the story of your Dad, the Corry bars and your son! Happy Birthday Corry!

My son Larry is named after 2 Larry's. My husband's cousin and my Uncle Larry. Both special people in our lives; Our Larry never met them.

Thanks for sharing this sweet sentiment~


What a sweet tradition!

Kris Kozak

You forgot to mention his famous words about not refrigerating these or you'll need a 'pick axe' to get them out of the pan....:)

Judy Lehman


Your Mom "sends" me your blog which is wonderfully creative and filled with your love of family, creating, and sharing. Happy Holidays to your family, Judy Lehman

Deb Ambrosino

They look great, and I've already pre-ordered my book!

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Your Mom sends me your blog which is wonderfully creative and filled with your love of family, creating, and sharing. Happy Holidays to your family, Judy Lehman

Brenda McCrary

I have done this several times with tins but paint seasonal pics on them...snowmen, santa's, birthday cupcakes w/candle. But I love your twist on something I have been doing for 10 years. So pretty and reusable. Plan on putting your "Corry bars w/the recipe in the tin this year! Thanks for sharing


Wow--What you have there in your Corrie bars looks to me like my grandmother's peanut butter no-bake drop cookies that I loved so much as a kid, but instead of dropping them by the tablespoonful onto waxed paper to set, pouring it into a pan and covering the whole thing with chocolate. I loved these cookies growing up (too much--I think these were a reason I was a chunky kid) but yummy! :o)


This sound and look delicious. I love the story of your Dad and the tradition of making these and giving them as gifts. The simplest things really are the best, aren't they?

The tins are breathtaking from your other post!



These look delicious. And your story is AWESOME! Thanks for sharing!

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